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To submit a paper please select your track on the Themes + Track Calls page (under Program), read through the track and select the link provided at the bottom of each Track page.

Papers are are limited to a maximum of 300 words and to be formatted as follows:


Title theme of paper

Title of track call

Justification of the paper
Why is there a need for this paper? What is its main contribution? Explain, for example, what research gap the paper fills (and in what way), what topical debate the authors want to engage in, or what problem the paper addresses and why this problem matters. It should be made clear who the intended audience is, namely researchers, and decision- and policy-makers.

Clearly outline the purpose of the paper in a few sentences.

Theoretical framework
What main concepts, models or theories are used in the paper? Include 3-4 central references.

Results and conclusions
Describe your main results/findings and the conclusions of the paper.

Implications for Tipping Points
To what extent do your results and conclusions apply to the central theme of the conference - Tipping Points?

Key words

10th - 12th July