Themes and Track Calls


The conference is organised around the ISDRS core themes and tracks, with some new ones added for this conference.

Please refer to the Guide for Authors for information on submission format and word limit.

Click on the links below to obtain the call for papers for a specific track.

To submit a paper read through the track and select the link provided at the bottom of each page.

Special Themes for this 2015 Conference

A.Cultural Heritage and Sustainability
B.Gender and Development
C.Deep Ecology and Ethics

1. Sustainable Development Science

1a.SD Science: fundamental concepts
1b.Sustainability Assessment & Indicators
1c.Role of Academia

2. Ecosystem Pressures and Limits

2a.Biodiversity and Ecosystem threats
2b.Food security and sustainable agriculture

3. Climate Change and Energy

3b.Mitigating Climate Change
3c.Climate Change Adaptation

4. Sustainable Land Use & Sustainable Cities

4a.Sustainable and Healthy Cities
4b.Sustainable architecture, design & infrastructure
4c.Sustainable transportation

5. Corporate Sustainability and Innovation

5a.Corporate Sustainability Strategies
5b.Corporate Social Investments
5c.Innovation and Transitions
5e.Circular Economy and Industrial ecology
5f.Sustainable Supply Chains and trade

6. Society and Sustainability

6b.Animal Ethics and Justice
6d.Lifestyles and Consumer Behaviour

7. Institutions and governance structures for SD

7b.Global Governance
7c.Advocacy & Public Participation
7d.Rethinking the Fundamentals of Economic Systems
7e.Legal Aspects of SD

10th - 12th July